Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Peter Strzok, Brad Little, Congress

Strzok stonewall

“FBI agent in Russia probe fights back against GOP” Statesman, July 13.

After months without showing any of the texts between Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page viciously attacking Trump, including a threat to stop him from becoming president, this was the first article printed by The Statesman about the ongoing story of the two FBI agents. Strzok, with his defiant and twisted facial distortions, may be fighting back and garnering accolades from the NY Times and its sycophants, but he will never get his job back. He was removed from the Mueller special counsel team for his biased texts uncovered by the FBI’s own Inspector General, and demoted to an obscure desk in “human resources.” Strzok, amid open disgrace, is tenuously holding on as an FBI employee for now. As for the congressional hearing itself, Strzok barely answered a single question between being shielded by his legal team and shameful disruptions by the Dems. That the Dems would support this rogue officer in any way belies their tiresome, ad nauseum holier than thou attitude.

Charlie Nations, Eagle

Brad Little

On Independence Day Boise’s Marie Beall thanked Democrat gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan for “supporting the LGBT community by participating in the Saturday, June 16, Pride march.” She then points out that she did not see Brad Little at the same march.

I want to thank Republican candidate for governor, Brad Little for evidently not attending the same march. Brad Little would be a governor for every citizen in this great state and he would be a governor of those that are in the LGBTQ crowd just as much as any Idahoan. I doubt if Brad Little believes in special rights for the LGBTQ’rs. That is one reason why I plan on voting for Brad Little this November. There is nothing in the Bible that instructs or suggests to any believer to be “tolerant” of the homosexual lifestyle. As American citizens the LGBTQ’rs have a constitutional right to practice their lifestyle but for them to expect others to join in on their merriment is wrong and for Christians, we do not have to accept how they live. And no, sorry Lady Gaga, they were not “Born That Way.”

Doug Sweaney, Caldwell

Congress and Trump

I would like to congratulate our Republican Congress. Never before in our nation’s history has a congress openly supported a treasonous chief executor and his corrupt cabinet. Trump’s words and actions have shown he is a traitor. This Republican Congress is standing on the sidelines watching democracy being destroyed from within. Party before country is their motto. Congratulations guys, you may be proud of yourselves but your lack of action is sickening.

Joan Ehrnstein, Meridian