Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: FBI’s Strzok, campaign finance laws, Trump, fireworks

Strzok testimony

Regarding the Peter Strzok public hearing — watching the hearings recently it is clear again that the GOP members of Congress and the members of the Trump administration (including Don) should avoid showcasing their credibility and loyalty to the U.S. in plain view next to the members of the FBI. Trump and his congressional supporters look all the more incompetent and dishonest in this setting. It is such an obvious mismatch. We as Americans and Idaho must provide oversight of the actions of our congressmen by exercising our vote.

Ken Azbill, Boise

Campaign finance laws

I join a recent letter writer wondering about campaign finance improprieties by Senator Crapo. Actually, both senators have been called to account for several questionable campaign finance practices. Both are attorneys, both said they did not know the campaign finance laws they are suspected of breaking, and apparently no one on their staffs knows the law either.

The other letter writer was concerned about $200,000 going to Senator Crapo’s wife for helping the campaign. What got my attention was a high-up member of Senator Crapo’s staff lent $250,000 of campaign funds to a man who was going to invest it in a particular business. The borrower then invested it in another scheme and lost that money and has not paid it back yet. Senator Crapo did not know his campaign fund money had been lent out. This being able to invest campaign funds is supposedly legal. If you are donating to anyone in Congress, do you want them or their higher staff members lending out your donation like this?

Also, when the next recession hits, we can thank Senator Crapo. He got a banking deregulation bill through recently. That and Trump’s tariffs equals recession.

Dallas Chase, Boise

Donald Trump

It sounds like many of us are on the same page with Trump.

It is amazing that we had a very good president that ended up cheating on his wife while in office. He lied about it, not wanting to drag the women through the mud. It was really not our business or against our country and yet he was impeached for lying about it.

Trump lies every time he opens his mouth. We are subjected to it and the Republicans refuse to do their job and stick up for our people and our country.

The damage Trump has done hasn’t even come to a head yet. He asks a foreign enemy to interfere with our government during our election. It’s on tape. Grow up and save us before it’s too late.

Every vote for the Democrats will be the glue that puts us back together.

Judy Knight, Boise

Fireworks editorial

Regarding the July 12 editorial regarding fireworks, I agree with your recommendations except for “legalize fireworks.” Yes, tax fireworks stiffly to raise money for fire prevention/suppression, enforce tough fines, penalize abusers who start fires or injure others, allow the fire chief to seek damages. If we can change the law to legalize fireworks, why not change it to agree with the fire chief to ban selling illegal fireworks? To legalize fireworks that burn when ignited, leave the ground , travel beyond 15 feet, emit sparks beyond 20 aerial feet and just “... impose sensible restrictions on when and where they can be used” doesn’t make sense. Where exactly would that be? Where are there not neighboring roofs, dry leaves along a gutter, dried grass or weeds, or even nearby people who wouldn’t be endangered?

You say that “Idahoans want to celebrate July 4 grandly, regardless of what the law says or how the fire chief feels.” Please don’t include me, or many other law-abiding Idahoans, in that statement. Those areas where extreme fire danger required banning fireworks altogether still managed to celebrate with lighted fountain shows, drones, parades and barbecues with friends and family. Good for them — that’s “grand” enough for me.

Mary Lockhart, Boise

Donald Trump

Isn’t anything sacred anymore?

One can’t even enjoy a W.C. Fields movie now. Well, maybe you can, but it sure is difficult for a lot of us since our president displays the same types of behavior and personality.

Not in one’s wildest dreams would you think that someone so rude and obnoxious could ever become president of the United States.

Ron Allen, Caldwell