Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Arthur Hart, gun safety

Arthur Hart

Every Sunday when I read the Statesman, I find myself thinking how lucky we readers have been for so many years to have had the pleasure of reading Arthur Hart’s column on Boise history. Arthur’s work has enriched my knowledge of Boise’s origins, its early leaders, its growth patterns, and its ever-evolving culture. I’m sure I speak for a legion of others when I say thank you to the Statesman for carrying this informative column, and thank you to Arthur for the exemplary research and insight that go into his work. We are a more enlightened community because of it.

Alice Hennessey, Boise

Be smart with guns

Summer often means children are spending more time at home — and that often includes friends’ and family members’ homes. I have started making it a habit to ask how firearms are stored in the homes that my child is visiting. I can stress the importance to him all day about not touching a weapon, but the only way to prevent an unintentional shooting is to make sure he is in a place where all firearms are safely stored.

Last month, a 13-year-old Northern Idaho boy was unintentionally shot by another child who believed the shotgun was unloaded. He is now permanently blind.

Additionally, death by suicide continues to rise. Teens who have access to firearms are more at risk for attempting suicide — and suicide by gun is much more fatal than other methods. If guns are secured, suicides can be reduced.

Parents can follow the Be SMART guidelines. S — Secure all firearms in homes and vehicles. M — Model responsible behavior. A — Ask about the presence of guns in homes. R — Recognize the risks of teen suicide. T — Tell others to Be SMART.

Hayley Anderson, Boise