Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Meridian, Supreme Court, conservatives, the Holocaust, The Cabin

Thank you

Meridian, Idaho, is a great place to live. The people have to be the friendliest anywhere. On June 22 I was involved in a car accident. A gentleman in a white truck stopped and helped me. Of course, I didn’t get his name but he was so helpful and I wish to thank him again.

Officer Jacob Simon arrived and was very patient with this rattled lady. He was very kind and explained everything so carefully.

Hopefully these gentlemen will see this and know how much they are appreciated.

Kathy Magee, Meridian

Not above the law

Before Mr. Risch and Mr. Crapo pat themselves on their collective backs too much for the “constitutionality” of this latest Supreme Court pick, I would like to ask this: I wonder if Nixon should have finished that second term?

After all, it was the criminal investigation of Watergate that removed a criminal from office was it not? Honestly, I didn’t even bother calling these two, because it would be a waste of time. That’s what it has come down to, that is what they have become.

The two of them are about to appoint the surrogate of a dictator, and praise themselves while doing it. I may not be a lawyer, but here is one thing I know that makes America “great.” No one should be above the law, no matter what office they are in, not for eight years, not for four years, not for a week, or an hour, or a nanosecond. That’s how I have always read the Constitution, and always will.

Richard Boozel, Star

Conservative vs. Republican

You are misleading the public by using the words conservative and Republican together. How is it conservative to empty the Social Security Trust Fund of $1.99 trillion to take over a Third World country? The Republican government that brought us the Great Depression, allowed banks to take “entitlements” called savings accounts. To restore faith in the nation and to protect own citizens from predators, FDR founded Social Security. Our Republican government, that allows billionaires to loot pension funds, has been trying to destroy or privatize (loot) Social Security.

How is it conservative to dump a huge national debt on our children while giving those embarrassing wealth tax cuts? How is it conservative to close our factories and ship them to Communist China and the barrow money from them? How is it conservative to abandon the healthcare of the many American people for the good of the few.

I grant you that a few people are making tons of money from the above injustices. However, this just proves that when a few take too much there isn’t enough for the rest. For the sake of the survival of the nation, it’s time to pick a just side.

Dennis Roggenbuck, Boise

The Holocaust

Being of Jewish heritage, I was always told that it was important to remember the Holocaust. We have to make sure that it never happens again. I was taught to speak up when I see injustice. I am writing this letter to do just that. Hitler ruled by dividing the German people. Jews were called animals. Anyone who spoke out against Nazi rulers was sent to concentration camps. Anyone found to aid the Jews was also sent to the camps. Trump’s rhetoric is doing what Hitler did in Nazi Germany. He is looking to divide this nation. He is separating parents, seeking asylum, from their children at the borders. He has called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers. Muslims he has called terrorists. He has insulted African Americans, Native Americans, women, and anyone who dares to speak out against him or his policies. I shall not be silent. Will you?

Michal Voloshen, Boise

The Cabin

For decades, Boise has suffered from the wrecking ball in the name of progress, with little regard for preserving the past. Growth brings new faces to our city and with it new civic buildings like the proposed downtown Library. However, the possibility of removing the small, 1940s log cabin adjacent to the library is disconcerting. The Library and Arts and History Department’s vision for this landmark piece of architecture is superb, but it should, and can, be executed without the loss of the log cabin. It’s a rare opportunity to have a world-class architect like Moshe Safdie design our new library. Maintaining the cabin’s current location would be a compelling bridge between our city’s history and its future. Good architects are adept at working within limitations. Those representing the city’s interests in this project simply need to collaborate with the architect to incorporate the cabin into the design in a meaningful, visually pleasing way. As we continue to develop with relentless fervor, the few remaining historic buildings should be considered more precious than ever. I wholeheartedly ask that the Library and the City Council have the courage to preserve the past while building the future.

Angie Steele, Boise