Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Failing nation, protesters, Trump

Nation’s failures

I miss life when it was simple and not complacent because I remember when you could drink out of the streams and it was clean and not contaminated like today and I remember camping and the national parks were not overcrowded. Today the world is too large and overcrowded but also we see more diseases. But this is the 21st century and you would think we would have cures for these diseases but instead they are increasing and many people are dying. Our nation is failing on homelessness, poverty, suicides and mental health yet we have the brightest people who need to be funded better in healthcare to fix the problems and maybe we could save more people by letting those who know best to do their job. Our nation can work if we stop hindering people and cut regulations and all these new laws because it is we the people who are the strength and laborers who built America and made it strong but it was the people who fought in the revolution and made the sacrifice so that we may enjoy our freedom. Without we the people there would be no America.

John Landers, Wilder

Protesting crowds

Recent protesting crowds are bigger than Trump’s inauguration.

Wally Humphries, Boise

Donald Trump

Trump became president largely by his racist hounding of President Obama to reveal his birth certificate to prove he was not born in Kenya. Now he’s tapping racism and misogyny by offering Sen. Elizabeth Warren $1 million to prove her Native American ancestry.

As a former facilitator of a public school gifted and talented program, I worked with unusually bright children and fear that our president was not one. He asserts that his adversaries are low IQ, but by any reasonable measure, that includes him. One measure of intelligence is vocabulary. Trump talks like a valley girl, defaults to “fabulous,” “we’ll see,” “people are saying,” and everything is the “greatest.” He recently learned a four-syllable word (reciprocal), and gleefully repeats it ad nauseum.

Another measure is common sense. Despite worldwide recognition of climate change as an existential threat, Trump trashes the environment and atmosphere full bore every single day. Is that smart?

Given the foregoing, I’m offering Trump $1,000 payable to the Russian oligarch of his choice to take and present to the American people results of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) to prove that he was more than a legacy at Wharton, and has the intelligence to be president.

Alyson Rene’ Martin, Boise