Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Idaho literacy, immigration, Second Amendment


There was a lot of fuss last year about Idaho students trailing the nation. I didn’t think too much about it in that I had no data on the subject. Still not sure, however, I have come to the conclusion that the adult millennials have a severe literacy deficiency.

Case in point, I recently attended a hosted event at the Boise Art Museum. The presenter went into detail about how rare some of the exhibits were. At the entrance of the exhibit hall was a sign that read Do Not Touch the Exhibit.

Sure enough there was a woman reaching out with her finger, rubbing the surface of one of the pieces. What really mystified me, there was another woman with her, presumably a friend, wearing a Boise Art Museum name tag who said nothing to her. Apparently she suffers the same literacy problem.

Boyd K. Leavitt, Eagle


Solving the continuing immigration drama is necessary. But, developing a policy which is rationale, fair, and popular will be very difficult and take a significant amount of time. The separation of families is an emotional issue which no one likes. With that in mind, it is fascinating to see the abuse Pres. Trump and his administration is receiving on the family separation issue. Where was the press and the outrage for the previous eight years? Or for the previous twenty years? Three previous administrations also, via immigration laws, separated illegal immigrant children from their illegal immigrant parents. The legislation was signed by Pres. Clinton. Some of the pictures used to vilify Pres. Trump were actually taken during the Obama years. Is this selective reporting by the main stream media? Of course it is. This selective and slanted reporting is one of the reasons most people do not trust the main stream media. Blame should have been placed appropriately many years ago, at least over the previous eight years.

William R. Logsdon, Sr., Boise

2nd Amendment

Keith Hull letter begged for my response. As Keith admits, few Germans were allowed guns so we know that western governments aren’t immune from denying citizens their rights. All totalitarians (Hitler, Mao, Stalin, etc..) advocated banning guns. Also in the West, Australia banned semiauto weapons and confiscated 640,000 weapons in 1996. This is the danger of gun registration.

The Bill of Rights’ 10 Amendments are all aimed at limiting the power of the federal government to persecute the citizenry. The 2nd Amendment therein is no different. It’s intent is not to protect the federal government, but to protect the states from federal intrusion. BTW, “well regulated” means “well trained,” not “legally limited.” The citizens had the same weapons as the soldiers. This should be continued as much as possible to support the original intent of the 2nd Amendment.

Keith admits that there is no “gun show loophole.” Sure, non-dealers like myself are free to sell our guns to others via classified ads or word of mouth. This is vital in preventing confiscation.

Maximizing citizens’ rights make America a beacon to the world.

Christopher Steven Bolton, Meridian