Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Supreme Court, Trump, presidential investigations

Supreme Court

At the behest of Franklin Graham (current leader of the largest American voting demographic), evangelical Christians unleashed the most destructive presidential misfit in American history upon this nation, all in the name of stacking the Supreme Court with activist judges willing to strike down an established law (Roe-v-Wade) — a law that resoundingly reaffirmed our 14th Amendment constitutional rights (the 1973 Supreme Court ruling was a 7-2 supermajority).

By embracing Trump, Franklin also unleashed this same miscreant upon the Christian faith, producing a bastard child named Partisan Christianity, offspring of the union between politics & religion.

Until Christian leaders regain the spiritual integrity to keep the Christian faith pure & free from the inherent corruption of politics, this bastard child will continue to corrupt everything Christianity stands for. Conversely, democratic governments that profess freedom-of-religion must by necessity protect themselves from preferential influences of one religion over another; otherwise, democracies risk becoming theocracies and true religious freedom is threatened. All Arab governments are theocracies and outlaw non-Muslim religions.

For 40 pieces of silver (power), Judas Iscariot betrayed Christ. For political favors (power), partisan Christian leaders willingly betray Christianity. For political gain (power), weak politicians exploit religion.

Michael Howard, Boise

Donald Trump

Trump is the first Republican since Abraham Lincoln to effectively put the media in its place for its distortions, anti Americanism and personal attacks. We on the right have been waiting many years for such a leader to help swing the balance of extreme bias back to the center.

To this effort, many in the media complain that the president is attacking free speech.

Wrong. Very wrong.

Freely speaking your mind, as does the president, is not attacking free speech. It is free speech.

The media seems to think that freedom of the press means that they can go over 90 percent negative with extreme bias on a person, attack, distort and often outright lie and the guy should just sit there and take it as did Bush 43. Well, Trump is not Bush and he fights back against all unfairness wherever he sees it.

The First Amendment gives all Americans the right to speak up when facts are missing or distorted. We do not want the media to turn into Pravda of the Old Soviet Union. The Soviets may have thought that a one-way flow of indoctrination was for the highest good, but free-thinking Americans do not.

Joseph J. Dewey, Boise


I’ve just finished reading a letter from Shannon Jones and it made my day. Ms. Jones’ diatribe about Trump was humorous in that you could just change the name to Obama or Clinton (either one) and it would have been mostly true. They all admired tyrants, criminals and dictators but, in Obama’s case you’d have to also add terrorists (Bill Ayers). I’d agree with you Ms. Jones that we need to let Robert Mueller finish his investigation and that a great deal of crimes were committed during the 2016 election. What we don’t yet know, and hopefully will find out, is by whom that those crimes were committed.

The DNC chair, at the time, has been implicated in a few of them as has Obama’s entire staff and Clinton, so Ms. Jones, you may want to watch what you wish for ... you may not like the end result. Oh yeah, should it come out that Trump has committed any level of crimes that have been directed at the others, then I’ll be the first to demand impeachment. I doubt you’ll be so open to the idea of admitting it was all a witch hunt should no charges be brought.

Rod Wallace, Boise