Letters to the Editor

Busby letter: Remarkable man

I am the daughter of a remarkable man, who was the son of a remarkable man. His story is familiar — grew up in Boise, served his country in Korea, and had a family. He and my Mom were frugal, and made good financial choices for 50 years. Dad was devastated when we lost my Mother. Many of you may see your own Father in this description. But, all of these years, Dad had a secret, unrequited love … with a car. The car is a dark green 1930 Ford Coupe (with a rumble seat). He and his cousin drove to Santa Fe to pick it up earlier this month. Needless to say … my Dad is over the Moon. So, if you see a gray-haired man driving a green Model A Ford Coupe in the North End, give him a honk and a wave.

Christine Busby, Boise