Letters to the Editor

Jessen letter: George Will column

This is in regard to George Will’s column in the Statesman March 26. He describes President Trump as one step down from an idiot and John Bolton a little worse. So much for a businessman who became worth $10 billion starting with a $100 million loan. As Will says, Vietnam was a mistake, but the real mistake was the way our military was vilified for doing what their commander in chief had asked them to do. As for the action in Iraq, our intelligence, as well as that of all of our allies, had told us that Hussein had developed horrible weapons of mass destruction which were a threat to the world. There are things that need to be dealt with and President Trump is doing it masterfully. From his column it appears to me that Will might have stood outside the Parkland High School with the deputy listening to the shots in the building. One wonders if Mr. Will would like to give back the 30+ percent gain in our net worth since the election because he doesn’t like the man. Will’s on the wrong side of this issue and ought to know it.

Bob Jessen, Meridian