Letters to the Editor

O’Neal letter: Vote Leroy

With the overcrowded Republican 1st Congressional District race, I urge you all to take a close look for the very best candidate. As a new politician myself, the astute influence and personal support I have been fortunate to receive from Dave Leroy, and his wife Nancy, is unprecedented since I first met them earlier this year. Dave has remained genuinely interested in my political future, offering prudent advice to me, even without my solicitation. It’s vital that senior leaders in our country have concern for the future by sharing their expertise with the up-and-coming politicians, so I thank you for this, Dave.

Leaders in Washington have something in common; many are career politicians. Dave has served Idaho out of the political spotlight for 20-plus years, so including his former experience as the attorney general and lieutenant governor, a unique opportunity arises to send a truly reputable Republican candidate to Washington who will honorably lead in his duties representing Idaho. Please vote for Dave Leroy in the May primaries, as no other candidate is more qualified, honorable or experienced to represent the 1st Congressional District of Idaho.

Nikole “Niki” O’Neal, Meridian