Letters to the Editor

Patrick letter: Training for F-15Es

Mountain Home AFB notified select stakeholders about the proposal to establish Urban Close Air Support training spaces, with the radius of 15 NM around each of 9 cities between Boise, Mountain Home, and Burley.

Public comments, marked “RE: URBAN CAS EA,” should be directed to noelle.shaver@us.af.mil.

If the Environmental Assessment finds a Significant Impact, the Environmental Impact Statement has to be prepared.

The proposed training area is significant because these are population centers in Idaho.

The training operations will go on indefinitely, with increased activity before the deployments. Expect 4,056 sorties a year, with three hours flight activities by two to four F-15Es.

From 10,000-foot overflight height F-15 projects the maximum loudness of 75 dBA to the ground. For two to four airplanes this amounts to 85-95 dBA, the equivalent of a power mower.

2,074 day-night operations per year are projected, potentially causing sleep interruptions in residents.

The lasers used in training are called eye-safe. Yet in nocturnal animals even these can cause permanent retinal damage.

The effect of F-15 jet exhaust pollution on our air quality should be calculated.

No reasonable alternatives are offered. Why not train in and over Washington D.C., where “truly significant” Idahoans reside?

Inna Patrick, Boise