Letters to the Editor

Bruce letter: Vote Raul Labrador

Families have to live within their means, and that sometimes means making hard decisions about spending. State government should be held to this same standard.

Unfortunately, as citizens it is very difficult for us to find out exactly how much our government is spending, and what our money is being spent on. If we ever want to rein in government spending, we need to know these things.

I was very impressed when Raul Labrador released details of his plan to make state government more transparent. Requiring all state agencies to post detailed spending information online will give citizens a much needed peek under the hood of our state’s operations. When we see where money is being wasted, we can demand that it stop.

With Raul Labrador as our governor, we’ll finally have a leader who’s committed to help citizens identify and stop wasteful spending by state government.

Bob Bruce, Eagle