Letters to the Editor

Vogelsong letter: Constitutional Convention

I was so pleased that the Legislature rejected the Constitutional Convention last year. Two things are going on right now; namely a push for a convention of states to bypass Congress to create a Constitutional Convention. That is not possible. The states have no such power. Only Congress can call a Constitutional Convention. The other thing is to dictate the terms of the said convention. That is where the real danger comes in. Once a Constitutional Convention is convened by Congress, they answer to absolutely nobody. They become a virtual untouchable federal agency. No preconceived instructions, restrictions, agendas are valid. Also, Article 5 provides no qualifications for delegates to the convention. Anyone could be appointed including convicted felons, foreign persons of any age, how many from each state, number of votes for each state and an agenda with provisions to expel any violators of that agenda. Before a Constitutional Convention is called for, Congress must amend Article 5 to specify all of the above and other protective measures to ensure no runaway convention can happen. Anything less could lead to the destruction of our Constitution.

For more info, see the website for retired constitutional lawyer Publius Huldah of Tennessee.

C.M. “Chuck” Vogelsong, Riggins