Letters to the Editor

Teater letter: Cannabis use

As the new legislative session continues, I am still trying to understand how our Legislature can allow children to suffer and die because of the irrational beliefs of their parents while at the same time refusing to consider allowing Idahoans to access cannabis (marijuana) for medicinal use. I do not believe our legislators are unintelligent or purposefully cruel, but their judgments about these two issues leave me baffled.

The state has every right and obligation to remove children from parents who abuse or neglect them, but then allows parents to withhold potentially life-saving treatment.

On the other hand, no one has ever died as a direct result of medicinal cannabis use. That cannabis has significant medicinal value and safety is incontrovertible. Still, the Legislature refuses to even discuss it or consider the overwhelming supporting science. A 2010 BSU poll reported 72 percent of respondents supported allowing terminally and seriously ill patients to use medicinal cannabis, and this support has undoubtedly increased since 2010.

Please, consider the consequences of these irrational and hurtful polices and move Idaho into the 21st century.

Tim Teater, Boise