Letters to the Editor

Roy letter: Education, taxes

In the spring of 1968 I enrolled at Boise College. Tuition was around $145 per semester. I was working for minimum wage, $1.65 per hour. In those days a kid could earn enough in a little over a month to pay for a year’s tuition, at minimum wage.

Adjusting for inflation that tuition would be about $1,050 today and minimum wage would be $11.92 per hour.

Today tuition at BSU is $3,663 per semester, 350 percent of the inflation-adjusted 1968 cost. Minimum wage is $7.25, 60 percent of the inflation-adjusted 1968 wage. A kid would have to work six months to pay for a year’s tuition. Half of their income.

In 1980 the state funded 93 percent of the cost of Idaho’s public universities and colleges and student tuition funded 7 percent. Today the state funds 54 percent and students pay 46 percent.

Idaho has set a goal of 60 percent of high school graduates achieving a postsecondary degree by 2020. Currently only 40 percent reach that goal.

I know budgets are tight. That’s because the Idaho Legislature keeps cutting taxes. Middle-class kids can’t work their way through school anymore. Please value education like past legislatures have.

Please, no more tax cuts.

Darwin Roy, Mayfield