Letters to the Editor

Kenney letter: Rep. Palmer

I have been part of the Planned Parenthood volunteer force for about six months. I was excited to come to the Idaho Statehouse and talk about complex issues facing our state today. I chose to talk to my legislators about Add the Words, and spent upwards of six hours training and doing research simply to be able to talk to my representatives. I knew I was going into meetings with more conservatively-minded members of the Legislature, but I also knew it was their job to listen to constituents. Rep. Joe Palmer didn’t make an appointment to talk with us, so we found him while he was talking with another person in the halls. We waited for him to turn to us to make our introductions, and he said he was busy, adding, (I paraphrase), “Why waste your time? We won’t agree anyway.” I was disappointed in my representative and wish he had taken at least five minutes to listen to his constituents, as that is what he was elected to do. I know how the legislative process is supposed to work, and what Rep. Palmer did wasn’t a reflection of that.

Zoe Kenney, Meridian