Letters to the Editor

Smith letter: Donald Trump

Why is anyone surprised to find out that our president, the grabber-in-chief, has a s---hole for a mouth. Certainly, there are countries all around the world where conditions are terrible. That is exactly why the United States has always been a light and beacon of hope to those seeking a better life. His vulgar remarks, his preference for snow white Norwegian immigrants and disdain for entire groups of human beings simply continues to reveal the darkness in his heart and soul. I feel ashamed that we have allowed the greatest system of government the world has ever known to fall into the hands of such an unworthy leader. As much as I want to blame the state of affairs on the president, I can’t; he is just being who he is. He is a reflection of us, the American people. We all need to take a long look in that mirror and decide: Is this who we are and who we want to be?

Bob Smith, Boise