Letters to the Editor

Simon letter: Donald Trump

When is enough enough? So many of our politicians talk proudly about Idaho and what it means to be an Idahoan. However, it is far from representing the best of Idaho when our elected representatives stand by and let their leader — the president of the United States — degrade and insult millions of people. Insulting people from Africa. Insulting Haitians. Mocking people with disabilities. Degrading women. Stereotyping and offending Mexico and Mexicans. Dismissal of the holiday season for millions of non-Christian Americans. Missing several other offended groups further drives home the point.

Far too often during this presidency I have been painfully reminded of theologian Martin Niemoller’s famous statement about people not speaking up because it wasn’t “me” the Nazis were coming for. Reps. Labrador and Simpson and Sens. Risch and Crapo and Gov. Otter — enough is enough. Your silence is tacit acceptance of this hate-mongering. If you are representing Idahoans, then lead with your morals and your voice.

Roger Simon, Boise