Letters to the Editor

Massie letter: Do your job Congress

Congress can pass a budget bill and an immigration bill without the president’s rubber stamp. Two thirds of Congress voting in favor of a bill will bypass a veto by the president.

I’m afraid we are being inundated with lies, real discretions, non-truths and that it is happening so often, we may be becoming callused to these affronts on our intellects and senses. We should no longer have to put up with this. It’s time Congress stood up to their responsibilities, quit the petty “party line” attitude and get together and hammer real and effective legislation. This of course means every one of them will need to put the country and its citizens ahead of politics and trying to save face. That last battle has almost been lost, but they do have a chance at redemption.

Contact your legislators, both state and national, and tell them to get their priorities straight. We deserve better. Remember these legislators when you next vote.

Hugh E. Massie, Boise