Letters to the Editor

Johnston letter: Traffic concerns

The State Street corridor should not be considered as a solution to growing traffic concerns to the north of our community. Instead, what other large, growing cities have done should be our guide. These other cities have built extensive expressways that encircle their centers. Boise could benefit from such road systems if we are to get our traffic congestion problems under control. One such expressway could be built from the east end of Boise, through the foothills, to meet up with Floating Feather Road in Eagle. An I-84 bypass should be built to the south of Boise, Nampa and Caldwell from west of Caldwell to the Stage Stop south of Boise. An elevated expressway needs to be built from State Route 55 to I-84, bypassing the stop-and-go traffic on Eagle Road.

And for the safety of all drivers across our state, all drivers should be required to pass a Defensive Driver’s Course before receiving an Idaho driver’s license, because just knowing how to operate a vehicle isn’t enough.

Chris Johnston, Boise