Letters to the Editor

Haddock Letter: Hate Speech

Thank you, Kevin Thienes, for your excellent letter. We are all exceptionally blessed to live in a free and wealthy country and should not expect secular laws to solve our spiritual problems of which we have many. I don’t think we have lost our way but we must speak against those who use free speech to create fear and demean others and their religion (and in our country that is any religion). Hate speech goes against all our Christian and American tenets and we learned from World War II that leaders like Hitler who use such tactics should not be in places of power.

We understand from concentration camp survivors that even they could not believe that mere words could create the horror they experienced in the camps until they saw it themselves. Let’s not fool ourselves into believing that hateful words are anything but evil and that if you aren’t speaking for something you are speaking against it.

I believe in our system of government and all those who serve with honor in it, but to allow one man to use hate speech is an infection and should be eliminated.

Carol Haddock, Meridian