Letters to the Editor

Chaney letter: Salmon

Rocky Barker’s Dec. 31 Statesman article asserted that Bonneville Power Administration may decide the future of Snake River salmon. Inattentive readers might have mistakenly inferred that BPA is trying to save the salmon.

In fact, BPA deliberately drove Snake River salmon to the edge of extinction in order to sell California energy surplus to Northwest needs. It used the proceeds to make payments on billions of dollars of debt resulting from decades of Bonneville incompetence and malfeasance.

Bonneville is obsessed with protecting the four Corps of Engineers dams on the lower Snake River in southeastern Washington. These zombie dams are the most costly and destructive energy generating facilities in the Nation. The economic and ecological damage extends nearly 1,000 miles inland and thousands of miles along the Pacific coast.

Idaho has suffered an estimated $2 billion in damage to date, increasing about $100 million every year. Gov. Otter knows this, but Idaho took a $60 million bribe from Bonneville to help protect the zombie dams from the law.

To get the salmon killing facts behind the smiling face of BPA Administrator Elliot Mainzer pictured in the Dec. 31 article, go to http://nwric.org/documents/The_NW_Big_Short.pdf.

Ed Chaney, Eagle