Letters to the Editor

Ratcliff letter: Raul Labrador

I write regarding several articles in your Jan. 23 edition, especially Rocky Barker’s article regarding the positions of Raul Labrador on the latest shutdown and the previous one in 2013. We are well aware that Labrador has announced his run for Idaho’s governor’s seat, and is a “lame duck”in Congress. He has waved his white flag of surrender in the on-going battle for effective, priority-driven and responsible leadership on national issues. Consistent with Labrador’s failure to accept personal responsibility for his actions/inactions, he accuses Democrats of being responsible for the latest shutdown. Wrong, dude. Labrador’s beloved GOP has the president’s seat, plus Senate and House majorities. By law the GOP was to have a proposed budget on the president’s desk Oct. 1, 2017. Here we are in late January 2018, and yet have only a continuing resolution through Feb. 8. That is failure of leadership, commitment, responsibility to the nation, failure to complete assigned tasks, and failure to prioritize. The budget mandate is law. Similar failures by the GOP in 1995 (I was furloughed then) and 2013 led to shutdowns — with millions of unplanned costs, along with human impacts. Fellow Idahoans, join me in wishing Labrador via con dios.

Tom Ratcliff, Gem County