Letters to the Editor

Tate letter: Idaho delegation’s silence

Your silence is deafening — To our four legislators (Risch, Crapo, Simpson, Labrador): I am waiting for you to show your true colors. By your silence, you are supporting that racist that you put into the White House. With some words about the divisive, hate-inspiring racism from Trump, you would show us where you stand.

Do you support Trump’s views to satisfy those who put you into office or do you condemn what he stands for, which would satisfy those who do not support this administration?

It seems that you are silent because speaking out would be a very difficult decision and could affect your chances to be re-elected.

In either case, you proclaim yourself to be every bit the racists just by association. Your cowardice and lack of principles speaks volumes about you and the “swamp” that was supposed to drained.

Charles E. Tate, Garden City