Letters to the Editor

McCollum letter: Camp Rainbow Gold

The Blaine County Commissioners’ recent decision to reject the conditional use application by Camp Rainbow Gold to build a new retreat for seriously ill children was disappointing. I have several good friends who oppose CRG’s plans, so I know that there are sincere, well-meaning people on the other side, yet the denial seems mean-spirited.

Quoted in the Idaho Mountain Express, Commissioner Schoen claimed that CRG should have begun by seeking a revision of the County Code to include the word “camp” where it currently says “retreat.” This is a red herring. Why would CRG go to the trouble to request a text revision when the man who wrote the original text, former Commissioner Alan Reynolds, testified that “camp” is consistent with the original code?

We shouldn’t enable NIMBY objections to community-wide issues, regardless of the intensity of those arguments. Remember the choice is not between CRG and nothing. I believe that CRG would be a relatively low-impact use for this site, chosen as ideal over the 50 others they considered, and that it would be a responsible steward of the precious East Fork-area landscape.

Sally McCollum, Ketchum