Letters to the Editor

Ferrell letter: Donald Trump

It is unbelievable that Republicans in D.C. continue to support Donald (king-of the-swamp-rats) and his immoral, unethical, lying persona. Unfortunately, the members of the Idaho delegation are in this group who in my opinion compromise their morals and ethics by blindly supporting Trump for their own personal monetary and political gains. They have demonstrated that other than lip service, they could give a hoot about doing the people’s business. Shame, shame, shame on all of them. They should all say “nyet” to Trump and his vulgar personality. Whatever happened to the party of family values? Guess the party has fallen into the s---hole designed by Trump. Don’t they realize they can still achieve the Republican agenda by dumping Trump and working with his lapdog Pence with a lot more grace than Trump can ever muster. Perhaps the Idaho delegation should consider the actions that the fine people of Alabama exercised when they were confronted with a moral dilemma. The Idaho delegation should realize that a day of reckoning will prevail on their election anniversaries. For my part, I will actively campaign against every one of these incumbents in the next elections to rid us of these con artists.

John Ferrell, Boise