Letters to the Editor

Oney letter: West Ada boundaries

As new boundaries are chosen to accommodate insane levels of overcrowding in several West Ada middle schools, my thoughts turn to the decisions that go into the building of new high schools to accommodate these large numbers of middle school students coming their way each year. If we can project future enrollment based off of new subdivisions and numbers of students moving in and out, why are the powers that be not building high schools with enough capacity to absorb these numbers for a number of years before new schools are needed? Rocky Mountain is a great example, built brand new with only a capacity of 1,800 and was overcapacity after the first two years of operation, now projected to be grossly overcapacity by over 800 students going into next school year. Why not make a responsible choice and build a school that has the capacity of Meridian High School (2,400)? Why is MHS still under capacity yet again? Are we to honestly believe that it is in the best interests of students that RMHS is to have 600 more students than they can handle while MHS is projected to be under capacity for the next three school years?

Allan Oney, Meridian