Letters to the Editor

Jackson letter: Elect Dave Leroy

Dave Leroy has been a family friend for over 40 years; I have personally worked with Dave professionally and personally for the last 20-plus years. He has always treated my family with the dignity and respect of a true gentlemen. Dave is a true lover of history but especially Abraham Lincoln as he is our state’s resident Abraham Lincoln scholar. Dave is nationally known for his research on Lincoln’s life. Dave has made it his goal to improve and better Idaho’s Historical Society including donating part of his personal collection of 210 Abraham Lincoln artifacts to the State Historical Society creating a rich legacy for all to enjoy.

Dave is a true Idahoan who isn’t running for Congress to make a career or for any reason but to continue working for the people of Idaho. Dave wants to represent us in D.C. to be a change agent and unlock the gridlock that has bound this nation for too many years. Please vote Dave Leroy on May 15th.

Scott Jackson, Boise