Letters to the Editor

Anderson letter: Trump administration

I will never be supportive of the Trump administration. There is nothing more demoralizing than watching him and his fellow Republicans support the worst of people’s ignorance. We have come to a point in this country where we either say no or we avert our eyes and ignore. I will not be silent and I will not rest until our country stands up to racism and bigotry. I worked with refugees and immigrants to this country. I am friends with them. It is disheartening when people find it so easy to pass around misinformation.

This country is diverse and that makes us a stimulating and exciting place to live. I do not understand why some would like to limit the possibilities of folks who just want a safe place to live and a chance to succeed. Fear is very crippling for those who see different as threatening.

There are no super races. We all have more in common than our looks or skin colors. Those are just external differences. Unless you are of American Indian descent, you are a product of refugees and immigrants, even our very damaged president.

Margaret Anderson, Boise