Letters to the Editor

Furey letter: Donald Trump

Ever wonder whatever happened to the pep clubs you knew in high school? The ones who’d continue to squeal “They’re sad! We’re mad! We’ll hurt ’em real bad!” even when their side was down 40 points in the last quarter?

From all the Trump-hating op-eds and letters we see in these times of 3-plus percent GDP, 20-year unemployment lows, near-weekly record DOW highs, a gravely wounded ISIS, a 40 percent decrease in illegal immigration (even without a wall), a couple million new jobs and a rise from the fetal position internationally — all in the first year — it appears they’ve put away their pom-poms and taken up pens. “Yes, but Trump says insulting things.” OK, so he says insulting things. Shrug.

Pat Furey, Boise