Letters to the Editor

Reiners letter: Wetherell guest opinion

Regarding the Guest Opinion by Mike Wetherell and his dream.

The Jan. 5 opinion written by Wetherell was disgusting, slanderous to the president, and not worthy of the Statesman printing it as a headline opinion piece. Don’t you have staff that reviews these columns before you print this drivel? Why was it allowed? Was it suppose to be funny, satire, or what? The issue he referenced were mostly personal biases and delivered in an under-handed and evil-spirited manner. Those issues have existed for generations, and to tie and blame the president to them was wrong and deeply personal political sabotage. You let him use his past political office to denigrate the president, the country, and other readers with his misinformed and faulty inflammatory opinion. We deserve better. Start doing your job.

Al Reiners, Nampa