Letters to the Editor

Nations letter: Tribalism

Some reflection on the Jan. 5 article in the Statesman on “Extreme tribalism clawing at the GOP.” The author makes some informative points on key divisive issues that separate the sides, but lays the fault mostly on Trump, and “Trumpian” tribalism. Why not Schumer and Pelosi tribalism which certainly counters Trump? Also, in my view the term tribalism is just as relevant to the mainstream media which has become one big tribe with a steady drumbeat attacking all things Trump — his administration, his policies, and even his family. Tribalism was markedly behind the Dems’ vote on the tax bill when not even one lawmaker could escape the mentality and cross over to support it despite obvious benefits. These lawmakers undoubtedly are reveling privately as the tax changes have sent their personal government 401K plans through the roof with a rising stock market while they publicly decry them as only for the rich. Infighting, disagreements and splits in its ranks over personalities and policies have been present in every previous administration, and will certainly endure in future ones. This administration is no different except that it faces and intransigent hostile media at every turn seeking no less than its very demise.

Charlie Nations, Eagle