Letters to the Editor

Ford letter: Misconceptions

Many letters in the Dec. 19 Idaho Statesman editorials were full of misconceptions.

Didn’t Mr. White, who wrote, “… snow is decreasing,” notice unusually heavy snow last winter? Alarmists admitted their models estimated greater temperatures than were actually observed. Dr. Benjamin Santer in “Nature Geoscience,” June 19: “… early 21st century satellite-derived tropospheric warming trends were smaller than trends estimated from a large multi-model ensemble.” Mr. White believes carbon dioxide is a pollutant. It isn’t. It’s a natural component of the atmosphere upon which plants depend. The Ice Age and The Green Sahara are examples of much greater fluctuations in climate than the measly 2 degrees Centigrade total estimated increase over the next century climate alarmists have been able to coax from their falsified data.

Did people concerned about President Trump’s comments have the same level of concern over Obama’s Iran deal making billions of additional dollars available to produce nuclear weapons?

Did those complaining, “… tax cuts benefit the rich” ever get hired by a poor person? Poor people get jobs from rich people. If they do good work, save their money and have children after they’re married and able to provide for them, they might get rich, too.

Darryl Ford, Caldwell