Letters to the Editor

McCoy letter: Ignorant letter

In reference to the Pro Republicans letter (Jan. 15), there are many things in there that show the narrow-mindedness of the writer. I grew up extremely poor, pulled myself up by the bootstraps and made a good living. I worked as an underground miner, construction worker, factory worker and many other hard, labor-intensive jobs. For the writer to put all people who don’t agree with the president in the same category shows ignorance of the facts. I believe that those of us who have traveled outside Idaho and worked with people who think differently than us has shaped our beliefs. The writer describes us as catatonia failures, jaundiced school dropouts and extremely envious. I have a master’s plus, was a career soldier and a teacher. I am far from envious of Trump. He does not represent someone I would want to be friends with for many reasons. I served four tours in Vietnam and did not try for an exemption as our president did. Fallen arches, come on, that would be laughable if it wasn’t true. A lot of good men died so people like Trump could avoid the war.

Rex McCoy, Boise