Letters to the Editor

Mattern letter: Women in office

Regarding women in public office — Yes, Virginia, please run for public office.

We have seen politicians, news anchors, Hollywood management types and others meet a quick termination from their current occupations for harassment and sexual misconduct. The ongoing story of Roy Moore in Alabama highlights politics at its worst. To make the situation even worse, I read a story about a survey of the ratio of women in politics from countries around the world. Much to my surprise the USA ranked 101st in that survey. We were even behind that bastion of democracy, Saudi Arabia. Fake news, I thought? Then I spied a picture of the members of Congress standing on the steps of the Capitol in D.C. and it took a nanosecond to realize that the clear majority of them are pale, stale and male. So yes, Virginia, I would like to see you run for public office. I will support you because I think you will show compassion for those less fortunate, fund children’s health insurance, believe your eyes about climate change, and “compromise” won’t be a dirty word to you.

Frank W. Mattern, Boise