Letters to the Editor

Masner letter: Raul Labrador

What a thrill to see my congressman at the table to discuss immigration issues. Out of 535 congressional leaders the president choose our man and 21 others to join in a historic effort.

Raul has far exceeded my greatest expectations. He has, in a short time, achieved influence, stature and progress I never expected. Now he has chosen to leave his post because “you can’t get anything done back there.” How disappointing.

I’m reminded of Arlington, and the thousands who stayed at their post when we had not yet won a battle. Their sacrifice makes endurance in D.C. a minor inconvenience.

I’m sorry, but I can’t support a quitter to be our governor. No matter how I admire him and the work he has done, true Idahoans aren’t quitters.

Morgan Masner, Eagle