Letters to the Editor

Lodal letter: Midterm elections

We are now about 10 months out from midterm elections. While we differ on who we support for elected office, I believe we can find common ground on the fact that Russia is going to try to interfere with this election. We have seen their tactics from 2016, planting inflammatory and usually untrue stories on social media in an attempt to divide the voters of the USA.

So, if this threat is still with us, what do we do? I suggest two courses of action for everyone to consider. First, recognize that this predatory activity is underway and seek to get your news from reliable sources. The more we seek to obtain truthful news, the less the Russians will influence our elections.

Second, the response from Congress and the White House to this threat has been inadequate. Tell your representative and senators and the president that pre-emptive defensive measures against this interference are absolutely necessary and must be prioritized well in advance of the November elections.

Russia is no friend to the United States and they have not earned any measure of trust. Elections are core to a healthy democracy. Don’t let these foreign criminals influence you this fall.

John Lodal, Boise