Letters to the Editor

Carlson letter: Governor’s race

Race for Idaho governor. As we approach the May primary election, both parties are offering interesting candidates for Idaho’s next governor.

On the Republican side, all candidates offer promises to reduce taxes.

On the Democratic side, both candidates talk of improving education and expanding health care to cover more of our fellow citizens.

Few of us enjoy paying taxes, but realize that, campaign talk aside, the purpose of collecting taxes is to provide sufficient revenue to pay for the government services that we choose to have.

We, as voters, have an obligation to demand that the candidates of both parties explain in detail how the revenue raised by their plan will meet the needs of Idaho, the nation’s most rapidly growing state.

We must demand each candidate provide details on how they will provide for the public education of our young people, provide adequate health care for all Idahoans, keep up with the demands of our transportation needs and ensure that all Idahoans are treated fairly.

It is our job as citizens to ensure that the candidates provide enough detail on their proposals so that we can make an intelligent choice.

Keith and Marilyn Carlson, Lewiston