Letters to the Editor

Green letter: Hampikian guest opinion

Greg Hampikian wrote on Jan. 7th that moral leaders need to protect human dignity in his “Gay rights are human rights” article. It is obvious that homosexuals are human beings and to think anything otherwise would be ignorant. However, in regards to the Masterpiece Cakeshop’s decision, I think it is within their rights to refuse service to anyone if it impedes upon their Creed. If they make a cake for a gay couple’s civil union, then it can be portrayed that they support the same. They should not be forced to endorse something counter to their beliefs. Hypothetically, if a white supremacist asked Mr. Hampikian to write about how all non-white people should be treated like animals, I would guess that he would deny providing his writing services to the inquiring supremacist because he would not want his name associated with the racist or the idea that Mr. Hampikian himself was a racist. How is this different from the cake shop’s view on denying service that can be perceived as supporting something they do not believe in? Clearly gays are people, but that does not mean we all have to be forced to agree with their lifestyle.

Steve Green, Mountain Home