Letters to the Editor

Collins letter: National debt

I’d like to repeat a few of the salient points made by George F. Will in his excellent commentary, Idaho Statesman, Jan. 4.

▪  Year in and year out Americans feel they should be given more goods and services without being required to pay for them.

▪  Government borrows repeatedly to cover costs, continuously accruing additional debt.

▪  10 years ago, the federal debt was 39 percent of the GDP; today it amounts to 75 percent.

My question to our senators, representatives to Congress, local government officials, and indeed fellow citizens: How is it we are complacently complicit in this insidious destruction of our financial well-being? How are we OK with this?

Mr. Will suggests:

▪  The USA clearly needs a continuously balanced budget.

▪  The USA would do well to impose Congressional term limits.

Do we not need all of that and more and just as rapidly as it can be accomplished? How much deeper are we willing to dig the hole even as it collapses in on us?

Kay E. Collins, Eagle