Letters to the Editor

Boland letter: Think when you vote

Republican politicians across the country and especially our four delegates, Crapo, Risch, Labrador and Simpson, all use the same phrases over and over again. These oft repeated phrases seem strangely inconsistent with the legislation they support so I have tried to decipher what they in reality meant. When they lament that we have “to cut taxes to create jobs” they seem to really intend to lower taxes on the 1 percent and shift the burden onto the 99 percent. When they say “ we must reduce regulation” they seem to mean to allow pharmaceutical companies to charge exorbitant prices, oil companies to pollute the planet and some bad employers to misuse their employees. They also claim to want to help “the small family farm” which decoded amounts to giving more subsidies to Giant Agribusiness so it can further squeeze the real small farmers. Their help for “small business” results in helping Exxon, Walmart and General Electric etc. while allowing the real small businesses to wallow in a stagnant economy caused by Republican trickle down economics. All four of these officials appear to care only about their wealthy donors and to feathering their own nests at our expense. Think when you vote.

Glen Boland, Meridian