Letters to the Editor

McGrane letter: American flag

On visiting the State Capitol during the Fourth of July holiday, I saw the large American flag draped over the Capitol Rotunda. I mentioned seeing it to the Pro Tem of the Senate, Senator Brent Hill, and suggested that with the divisions in our state and nation, and particularly within the Legislature, that as a sign of unity, the flag could be displayed during the 2018 Idaho Legislative Session. I was excited Jan. 5 to see our flag hanging from inside the Capitol Dome.

Our flag, the flag of the United States of America, is a symbol of our unity, one nation. Idaho is represented by one star, equal among others, as part of a greater constellation of united states. The red and white stripes symbolize the hard work, dedication, sacrifice and blood given to create and preserve our union for over 240 years, especially those who have given their service and very lives that we might live free.

The flag is a sign, not to let the people know the Legislature is in session, but to let legislators know that they represent us, the people.

One Nation

Under God


With Liberty and Justice

For All.

Michael McGrane, Eagle