Letters to the Editor

Stokes letter: Trump voters

To the 30 percent Trump base:

Well, you voted for a bombastic, narcissistic, bigoted, ignorant maniac for president of our fine country. This is just what we all needed to make sure our country is not “great” again. This “experiment” in election of a “businessman” opposed to a “politician” has not been a success — it’s embarrassing. This man cannot function as a member of a school board, much less as president.

We and other countries look to our administration for stability, leadership and sanity — or did. It is still important to honor and respect our Constitution and our democracy. Diplomacy is important. Experiments don’t work if there’s no substance.

I’m suggesting that there is another way to demonstrate your frustration with the ways things are going. Vote responsibly. Vote for someone who knows something. Vote in ways that won’t sacrifice our respect, our democracy and our security. Our representatives in Washington are not willing to stand up for us. It’s up to us to make sure we have good representation — not an experiment that has a proven record of lunacy and unprecedented contempt for our democracy and the people in our nation. Vote responsibly.

Chris Stokes, Star