Letters to the Editor

Muehlberg letter: Biased news

I choked on this headline on your Opinion page of Dec. 30. It read “A Different View on the News.” It was hardly different from the one-sided coverage which the Statesman provides. It was typical, four cartoons, all anti-Trump and anti-right. The Statesman is an example of the slanted media, and elitist bias of the coasts. Who would have thunk it, here in Idaho?

It is however the truth. The Statesman has become the very example of, if not fake, then slanted media that does not even attempt to be objective, and does not even care that there are alternate views. It is the death of good journalism, and the Statesman should be ashamed that it claims to be unbiased, like all the major television media and coastal rags.

I don’t think I have seen one positive article on the tax bill. Every headline and substance of tax bill articles makes sure to make the left’s outlandish negative claims the taste du jour. And how could it be otherwise with the likes of the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other subversive sources being the main fare for this leftist rag.

Dean O. Muehlberg, Meridian