Letters to the Editor

Voloshen letter: Taxes

I seem to recall a war fought over, among other things, taxation without representation. I wrote to Senators Risch and Crapo about the GOP tax bill, but received no replies. Where is my representation? This bill will benefit millionaires and billionaires, including their rich donors. The average American will see their taxes go up in the coming years. The national debt will rise. Taking away the individual mandate will leave millions without insurance. Who will pick up the costs when these 20 and 30somethings, who think they are invincible, get sick? It will be you and me, as we see our health insurance premiums raise. Since our senators don’t care about the average taxpayer, but only about their wealthy donors, let’s show them at the ballot box that we will not be silenced. They don’t care now, as they aren’t up for re-election this year. Let’s show them that our memory is long. Let’s flood them with letters, phone calls, etc., in the meantime, to show them that we do pay attention, and will remember. Let’s insist that they do their jobs. Let’s make sure that they do represent us.

Michal Voloshen, Boise