Letters to the Editor

Taylor letter: Two-party system

The Dec. 31 commentary by Kenneth W. Starr was, in my opinion, a shining example of what our constitutional framers had in mind for American dialogue leading to constructive decisions in governance. I thank the Statesman for including this item by Mr. Starr and would be quite thrilled if this were to become a trend of 2018. As a lifelong registered Democrat with Illinois/California background, a student of the Constitution and a centralist (not an independent), I believe two-party systems is a form of checks and balance. American people should be the scale and the informers (news sources) should be comprised of dedicated people striving to load the scale with both pro and con of the pending issue and allow adult people to decide for them which side to rule on said issue. True freedom starts in the minds of all people. Slavery starts in the few minds of the few who would rule the many. That rule begins with the absolute control of information to free people. Happy New Year.

Robert Taylor, Boise