Letters to the Editor

Seymour letter: Wilks brothers

According to Rocky Barker’s Dec. 20 column, those good ole boys from Texas are giving Idaho snowmobilers three new trails near New Meadows. Are they new trails or trails they’ve used for years but were locked out of when the Wilks brothers bought the land in 2016? DFD’s no trespassing signs are on both sides of the valley from below Smiths Ferry to well north of New Meadows, and start with the word “warning.” That’s aggressive behavior and not being a good neighbor, which is how we Westerners judge people, right? Ya’ll got room for a lone star on that Idaho flag? The Wilks brothers are also the largest landowners in all of Montana. Think about that for a minute. I poked around the Forest Service office and the Valley County assessor and now question, is it true that Potlatch first offered to sell the land to the state of Idaho and without any public comment the Land Board rejected? Is it coincidence that the director of that same Land Board who before coming to Idaho was in a similar office in Montana, is stepping down to take a job with Idaho Forest Group, one of the nation’s largest timber producers?

Bob Seymour, Boise