Letters to the Editor

Sanchotena letter: Idaho salmon

For over three decades Rocky Barker has defined the path for restoring Idaho’s salmon and steelhead. In December he laid it out both financially and economically. Breach four dams in Washington state. He stated BPA administrator, Elliot Maizner, “Is going to need help from all of us.” That help has come from the nation’s leading scientists, fishing and conservation groups, and even the Idaho Fish and Game, all of it falling on deaf political ears. In fact, some, like Congressman Labrador, are sponsoring legislation that will drive the final nail into the coffin of Idaho’s salmon. GOP gubernatorial candidate Tommy Ahlquist is speaking out of both sides of his mouth; he tells one group he could consider breaching, while he tells another group no way. Idaho’s senators know the best way. They just can’t ignore political contributions from Washington.

Washington dams can’t save Idaho water. That water has left Idaho. It is already downstream. What saves Idaho water is removing a portion of those Washington dams. Presently we are using Idaho water to subsidize increased water flow through those dams.

This issue needs national help. Not politicians with their heads in the sand and their hands in deep pockets.

Mitch Sanchotena, Nampa