Letters to the Editor

Samson letter: The Swamp

I suggest you read “Drain The Swamp” by Congressman Buck. He is a Freedom Caucus congressman (I am Democrat), and this book is enlightening how Congress works, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. Shame, shame, shame on all of you in Congress and the activity of pay to play. Risch, Crapo, Simpson and of course our pathetic Labrador — you are working for yourself and not for the people who you were elected to represent. To keep taking donor money does nothing for the common American people. Read this book, all of you, by a congressman. We the people need to realize whether Democrat or Republican, we need term limits so we do not have to continue to see our representatives bought and paid for who continue to pass legislation to satisfy their donors. Sign the petition to get it put on the ballot for 2018. Term limits for both state and local reps. Do not give up, keep fighting to stop this madness. Let’s take our country back from this insanity. No more partisans, let’s be Americans.

Cory Samson, Boise