Letters to the Editor

O’Dea Letter: Development

Regarding the guest opinion in the Jan 2 Statesman, Anne Hurst warns of development running rampant (my term, not hers) in the Boise area based on her years in California. My wife and I are fairly new to Boise as well, but from the Portland area. If you need other examples of unchecked development close to Idaho, take a trip to Portland and experience the mess of unplanned housing in that city. Rapid growth with little or no thought about housing styles, parking, congestion, traffic, the impact on the area parks and schools ... developers don’t seem to care much for these consequences of growth. Currently we face the construction of 290 units, including 3-story apartment complexes, on Hill Road between Bogart and Duncan, same developers that have overtaken the State/Gary Lane area. Trilogy Development doesn’t seem concerned about the views, the beauty, maintaining the feel of current housing and planning, nor the increase in traffic and population. Our neighborhoods are trying to help steer this development in a more conscientious way, but time will tell which way the city and ACHD will go. Once it is gone, the beauty that is Boise will not return. Development can be more than profit.

Kevin O’Dea, Boise